Bill 86- Voice your opinion! Be heard! Be informed!

We wish to share the following with you:

Our English Language School Boards must continue as the primary institutions ensuring the vitality of Québec's English Minority Communities. Proposed Bill 86 effectively removes the management and control of English boards from the Anglophone community, and it does not respect our Constitutional rights under Article 23.

Proposed Bill 86 offers very little if nothing for parents, students, and for communities. It is a direct attack on our rights and on our institutions. Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board has an 85% graduation success rate, and the Anglophone school boards a combined 87% success rate. We are doing very well. Bill 86 does not provide this board with anything to improve our results and/or functioning, and despite our excellent results, our community and school board was not considered or consulted in the development of Bill 86.

Bill 86 is simply a power grab on behalf of the Minister of Education.

If the Anglophone community of Quebec does not assert it's Constitutional rights now, it will be impossible to re-claim those rights later.

We urge our community to strongly denounce proposed Bill 86.

To assist you in making your voice heard, a sample letter for MNAs, Premier Couillard, and local media is attached. A sample resolution against Bill 86 for Governing Boards has also been included.

Please take the time to read the attached documents and video:

The negative impact of Bill 86 on governance and our educational future diminishes our powers as an English minority in this province. Bill 86 must be denounced and the responsibility lies in our hands to ensure our children, our students, and our community has rights today, and tomorrow.

Thank you.

Jennifer Maccarone
Chair, Council of Commissioners of the SWLSB