Policies, Procedures and By-Laws

Council and Executive

Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct for Commissioners

Procedure for the Nomination and Election of the Vice-Chair of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board Council of Commissioners

Procedures for the Election of the Executive Committee

Role of the Chairman of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

Rules of Order and Procedure for Council Meetings

Rules of Order & Procedure for the Meetings of the Executive Committee

Day, Time and Place of Regular Council Meetings

Day, Time and Place of Regular Executive Meetings

Policy for the Recruitment and Hiring of a Director General and an Assistant Director General

Policy for Selection Committees

Corporate and Pedagogical Committees

Delegation of Functions and Powers

Commissioners Professional Development

Corporate Affairs and Communications

Organizational Framework for Managing Corruption and Collusion Risks in Contract Management Processes

Reconsideration of a Decision Affecting a Student

Request for a Revision of a Decision

By-Law Establishing Procedures for the Examination of Complaints from Students or their Parents

Policy on Safe and Caring Schools and Centres

Policy on Respect for Diversity

Policy Governing the Disclosure of Wrongdoings

Procedure to Facilitate the Disclosure of Wrongdoings

Communication Policy

School Affairs and School Organization

Policy Concerning the Continued Operation or Closure of Schools and Any Modifications Pertaining to Educational Services

Policy on School Day Care Services

Enrolment Criteria

Deeds of Establishment

Three Year Plan

Pedagogical Services

Program of Studies for the Elementary School

Program of Studies for the Secondary School

Evaluation of Learning

Evaluation of Learning in Adult Education and Vocational Training

Policy Outlining the Organization of Services for Students with Handicaps, Social Maladjustments or Learning Difficulties

Field Trip Policy

Field Trip Procedure

Tutoring of Students by Teachers

Home Schooling Procedure

Financial Resources

Issuance of Tax Receipts

Expense Reimbursement Policy for the Members of the Council of Commissioners and the Employees of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

Policy on School Fees Charged to Parents - Youth Sector

Human Resources

Code of Conduct for All Employees

Policy on Harassment

Harassment Complaint Form

Policy Concerning Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol

Policy Regulating the Working Conditions of Management Staff represented by the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Administrators' Association

Policy Regulating the Working Conditions of Management Staff Represented by the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Section of the AQCS

Procedure for the Annual Evaluation of the Director General

Employee Evaluation Policy

Criminal Record & Employment Reference Verification

Suspension of Classes and/or Emergency Closure of Establishment(s) During Unusual and Unpredictable Circumstances or Inclement Weather

Information Technology

Use of Information and Communication Technology Resources

Material Resources and Transportation

Procedure for Receiving and Examining Complaints Filed in the Course of the Tendering or Awarding Process for a Public Contract

Transportation Policy & Procedures Manual

Policy on the Supply of Goods and Services

Policy on Healthy Eating and Active Living

Principles & Regulations Governing the Rental & Use of School Facilities

Rental Application

Additional clauses to the application for rental related to COVID-19

Procedures for the Disposal of Obsolete, Irreparable, and/or Unwanted but Reusable Equipment